Conifer cone chip projects

This project was started as a quest to find a bio-based material to replace wood, for application in furniture/interior design. Pinecones or pine chips could be considered a surplus woody material from forests. The aesthetic appeal of the different colours, sorts and sizes of pine chips was explored and the various fabrication techniques. One fabrication technique is similar to the glass fiber technique using moulds. Another technique used the shrinking effect of the binder to its advantage for the creation of bowls.

Cone chip material closeup

Cone chip material

Cone chips with a biobased binder.

Pinecone chip table

Pinecone chip furniture

Cone chips, biobased binder and Jute fabric.

Serbian Spruce cone chip bowl

Cone chip bowls

Bowls made with cone chips, fibres and cones.

Blonde Fir cone bowl

Cone chip board bowls

Geometrically shaped bowls of cone chips and a board base.

Ginger Scots pinecone plateau

Cone chip plateaus

Cone plateaus with plywood bases and pine wooden feet.