Poplar trees with plywood Frontal view Rear view Detail of armrests and stretchers Detail of seat Poplar trees with plywood Four Poplars Detail of armrest Poplar seat with the front trees cut Poplar seat without its back

Poplar seat type-1

For this project Poplar plywood was used for the seat, armrests and stretchers. It was coated with a bio-based paint and beeswax. The Poplar plywood was cut into parts and holes were drilled for the Poplar stems to grow through. Within a couple of years the stems hold the plywood parts together to form a chair. There's no need for any joinery or any extra materials.

This simple design was the first attempt with growing Poplar chairs and was started in Autumn 2017. Unfortunately, in Autumn 2020 the trees snapped during a storm and the chair was damaged. The second version of this design was started in 2020. This time the seat, arm rests and stretchers had indentations instead of holes.

Design and creation: A.J. Velthuizen.

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